5 Step Gudie To Finding Your Personal Style

Personal style is too often misconceived, discovering your own style goes beyond the ideologies of what superstars, models or even your friend groups are wearing. Everyone deserves the right to find the style that will belong to you for many years to come instead of worrying about portraying your style as someone else.

No matter if your completely lost by the idea of personal fashion or you are simply looking to spice up your closet, there are simple steps that anybody can make to upgrade your wardrobe perception. The first step is understanding what fits your body shape best; then it's about what colors, patterns, and materials make you feel glamorous every day. Below is the 5 step guide to discovering the style that suits you, allowing you to look good and feel good.



Finding Your Personal Wardrobe Style 


Discovering your body shape



The first and most crucial step to finding your personal style is understanding the body you live in. Whether your slim, curvy, or thick you can find the ideal clothing that suits you best. There are several methodologies used to calculate body shape, however, our method uses the measurement of hips, waist, and bust into the body shape calculator.

How to measure your hips, waist, and bust.

To determine the dimensions of one's body shape we must measure the circumference of the body parts mentioned. This may sound complicated however it's as easy as some measuring tape and 5 minutes of your time.

Hips: wrap the tape around the widest area of your hips.

Waist: start from your belly button and wrap the tape around your torso at the thinnest part.

Bust: attach the tape measure around your bust from the biggest point however not too tightly.


Once you have recorded your values enter them into the body shape calculator, and now we will explain the different types of body shapes.

Hourglass: hips and shoulders are similar widths compared to a narrower waist.

Inverted Triangle ( Strawberry ): shoulders are considerably wider than your hips.

Straight ( Banana ): shoulders, waist, and hips are relatively the same widths.

Triangle ( Apple ): hips are considerably broader than the shoulders.

Oval ( Pear ): shoulders and hips are practically equivalent however the waist is considerably broader than both.

Once you've discovered which body type relates to you, we can now pay attention to celebrities and models that share shapes similar to you.

Discover Your Trademark Accessories


After you've discovered clothing to fit your body figure, you will need that accessory to separate you from the crowd. Seen ever so often with countless superstars such as Micheal Jackon's infamous gloves, Kanye West's Shutter Shades, and Anna Wintour sunglasses. The top 7 Italian handbag designer brands is a great place to gain some inspiration.

Choose Items that will belong for years


The key to a prosperous personal wardrobe comes by choosing items that will last for the long haul. Buy items that you truly adore and love; that can be matched with countless outfits and never a bore. Think not only about the style and fit but also consider the quality of the material. Will this last me for years? Is this a good investment? These are questions that should be answered if you want a successful signature style.

Experiment With Colours


Don't be afraid to try out colors you wouldn't typically wear out. How will you know what colors work best for your skin tone and hair color, if you always wear the same colors? Well, set yourself up with a Mood Board, bookmark and tag outfits with jubilant colors through Pinterest and Instagram. Our Instagram is a great place to start.


Shoes Make Or Break The Outfit


Considered to be the epitome of every outfit, Chrisitan Loubitan says “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.". Finish off your outfits with shoes that stand out or simply blend right in. Don't forget comfort, there's nothing worse than walking around all day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Check out our guide to the best shoes for festivals, to give you an idea of matching style with comfort.



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