What's next for private jets

Ever since man built himself a machine that could fly, flying has constantly evolved. The Wright Brothers in 1903, through their novel invention, broke into a new frontier in transportation and thus began the rise of commercial flights, one century down the line, the rest of the world is caught up with the flying fever. Government-owned airlines and multinational firms championed the flying business because, perhaps the idea of private jets were only a dream at the time for some, so the state-owned airlines and some industry big shots for the better part of the 18th century had the monopoly of jet ownership and ruled the aviation sector - compliments of the Wright Brothers. But, well change is an integral part of the world and so private airlines by the 19th century began springing up and that would amount to a healthy competition for the government.

These days, private jets are gradually becoming like mere luxury automobiles. The birds aren’t the only ones occupying the skies anymore. As major airports around the world are increasingly getting congested, the flying commercial is now becoming a bane for most travelers, making private jets a worthy alternative to save the day.

What’s next for private jets?


With the year 2030 projected to be the avoidable year when the skies will be so cluttered with machine birds (both human-driven and robot-driven) and flights will be 50 times delayed than usual, there couldn’t be a better time in the future of private jets to thrive.

In the light of the above deductions from trends in the aviation sector across the world, let’s look at the bright prospects for private jets as they come into the picture – salvation style.

The Rise of Private Jet Companies

Investors in the aviation sector are watching from a vantage point, observing the surge in flights and mapping out strategies to leverage on the challenge and smile more often to the bank. This will see the rise of private jet companies across the world. At the moment, there are over 3,000 private airfields in Europe and that number will be increasing at every sunrise since people won’t just stop flying – not like they have a choice anyway. Private jets cost a fortune to procure and only the mighty who find themselves regularly gracing the covers of Forbes publications can afford and maintain this luxury transport medium. But there are people who would gladly hire a private jet to catch up with mouthwatering deals, late appointments, and meetings of utmost importance across the world. This need is also informing the decision of investors in the aviation sector and so what’s next for private jets? There will be more private jet companies leasing out their jets to individuals with the fat purse for it. There will be more private jet chartering across the world and as individuals grow richer by the day, private jets will become an affordable luxury.

Private Jet Companies

Jet charters have risen astronomically in the last decade to address the need and challenge in the aviation sector. Below are some of the leading private jet companies in the world.



Netjets is the largest private airline company in the world and it is indeed the oldest. Its air fleet is made up of over 700 jets littered across the world. NetJets alone provides flight assistance to over 4,000 airports globally. Flight options for patrons of Netjet include:

Jet card: Clients can buy flying blocks for up to 25 hours

NetJets Lease: This is for clients who fly more often than usual, more than 50 hours a year but are not interested in becoming stakeholders with the Netjet Company.

NetJets Share: This is for clients who fly more than 50 hours a year and are interested in becoming stakeholders with the Netjet Company.

Paramount Business Jets


Paramount Business Jet was established in 2005 and has since risen to become a force to contend within the aviation industry. They have a network of aircraft which includes over 4, 000 private jets that are being checked for quality and safety by paramount jets. They pioneered the full transparency jet card to further strengthen their stand on transparency and safety, both of which distinguishes them among contemporaries in the private aviation sector.


Xojet is another leading private jet company in the world. Their mode of operation is quite different from their major rival – netjet. They limited their fleet capacity to just two models – The Cessna Citation X and the Challenger 300 series of jets. They have 41 aircraft and are partners with over 1,300 private owners. Limiting their air fleet to very few models have been economical for them in terms of maintenance and logistics but that has also taken a toll on the number of their clientele base.



Vistajet is a global charter company and truly the best of it’s kind. This is the only private airline that offers global flight services using its own fleet which is quite away from the norm with other private jet companies. Other private jet companies offer global flight services but not with their own fleet. They provide flight services to 187 countries across the globe with their fleet of aircraft made up of 70 global and challenger jets.

Other private jet companies worthy of note include; Magellan Jets, Globeair, Jetsuitex, and Victor.

Executive Jets and Posh Designs

Comfort takes the front page on the blueprint of business models in the aviation sector, but more importantly, futuristic executive jets will come up with more aesthetic allure. On the pipeline of Airbus; a France-based European aircraft manufacturing company is the futuristic Infinito cabin for the new ACJ319neo plane. The highlight of this plane that is still in the offing is its sky view ceiling. The ceiling of this plane won’t be opaque but transparent and would provide live visuals of the skies in a digital screen. Airbus won’t be doing this alone, in collaboration with Italian hypercar designer – Pagani Automobili they will be achieving this feat in the interior design of planes. This jet can seat only eight passengers and stay on the sky for at about 15 hours, typical Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Already the Uber-luxury jet has a first-class apartment for 40 people with sofas, day beds, cinema screens, dining tables, plush carpets, plus a master suite with a king-sized bed and a two-person shower. All that luxury on a bird 30, 000 feet above sea level defines executive jet travel more than ever.

Private Jet Membership

As expected, when people fly regularly there is a membership or sort of registration that grants registered members some privileges and discounts to fly virtually anywhere their soul pleases. Some of the top private jet memberships in the world include;



Xojet is famed for chartering flights to world events like the Super Bowl and Art Basel. They lead the pack when it comes to private aviation service in the United States. With membership in their private jet club, you have the liberty of chartering a seat or the entire jet. Members are afforded the luxury of choosing from both models of their fleet– The Challenger 300s and Citation X Jets. At a deposit of $200, 000 and an hourly rate of $8, 500, members of the Xojet club can book for flights 12 hours prior plus an aviation counsel on standby 24 hours.

Delta Private Jets


One of the pioneers of executive jet business since 1984, the Delta Private Jets have come a long way in the aviation sector. Stiff competition in the industry has stirred up innovation in the management team of Delta private jets and as such, they are taking a step further in their marketing efforts to match up with the increasing competition. Through a partnership with a sister business aviation firm, they offer charter through jet cards which members of their SkyMiles program can have access to. Essentially, their SkyMiles customers access the services of the company through a subsidiary company. This system has so far alleviated marketing concerns and placed Delta Private Jet as one of the top private membership clubs the world’s ever known.

Other notable private jet memberships include Jetlinx and Magellan Private Jet Clubs

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