The Unforgettable Night Life Spots of Mykonos

While Greece stands out as an ancient amazing city with a lot of pleasant myths and legends, one island city is contributing to the fun of this historic country. Mykonos is the name and it’s an island on the west coast of the Aegean Sea. Renowned for its robust nightlife, it is said that the city never sleeps. This beautiful city of Mykonos is breathtaking with sea views sending nature’s warmest hospitality to visitors and locals alike. It’s a foremost destination for nightlife junkies and tales of the mad fun that exists in the wee hours are attracting nightlife lovers from across Europe. This party island as it is fondly called offers non-stop entertainment all night and day to its guests from across the world. From the early 60’s the fun started and has never ceased, making the island one of the most notable gaga islands halfway across the world and second to the famous Ibiza. The scintillating beaches also have their night clubs for a redefined beach fun and experience. If you already calling your travel agent or you intend doing so soonest, then the arms of Mykonos are spread wide, welcoming you into its warm embrace for the best parties of your life.

Where to Party in Mykonos

Here are some of the nightlife spots around the city to revel in the nightlife ecstasy of the fascinating Mykonos.



Hello, night owl! Astra is the place. It is your destination and you will love it. Astra is a combo of a pub and the crux of it all – a night club. In the evenings, it just a serene atmosphere where you can hang out and make some friends while steaming for the real deal. As soon as it gets dark, it’s party time and here you can experience nightlife like never before. The party retains its steam from dusk to dawn. And the atmosphere is just awesome. The ceiling replicates the night sky of the northern hemisphere and pulsates alongside the rhythms of the night. They are open from 8 pm – 8 am.


From 7:30 pm to 6 am, the doors of Babylon is being kept wide open for you to come in have the fun of your life. It’s a gay based club and they promote the interest of the LGBT community but this doesn’t mean it is out of bounds for the straight guys. Everyone is welcomed here. The interior décor is just wow and adds to the fun and the exterior overlooking the sea sets the mood for a breezy relaxation to catch your breath while sipping from an hourglass of fine cocktail. A blend of oldies, mainstream music and techno provides the musical atmosphere for the party. You can’t just get enough.

Scandinavian Bar and Club

You’ve never seen the perfect fusion of cocktails, patio area and a wide dance floor in the open like the Skandinavia Pub and Club. Renowned for its age in the city as the first choice for night owls, this club has offered nonstop fun to revelers for over 4 decades and still counting. The party rises to a crescendo just after midnight, you can arrive on time for friendships while you booze a little or you could just show up when it’s party time proper. The choice is yours but be rest assured that the fun would be explosive right here.


This new kid on the block in the nightlife circuit of Mykonos is gradually rising and giving the oldies a run for the fun they offer. @54 is a gym during the day and by night it switches to the real deal – a dance night club. There’s also a lounge in the evenings where you could just sit out and conserve energy for the funfest at night. It’s a Gay based club but allow for maximum participation from the straight community. The interior décor is breathtaking, the mirror balls will awe you and the music which is a blend of old-school and disco will keep you up on the dance floor till the dawn says otherwise. There’s a patio area where you can watch the sunset in adoration of nature.

Queen of Mykonos


At the core of Chora, sits this magnificent cocktail and champagne bar which usually fling its doors open from 8 pm up until 5 am. Want to grab a drink with some friends at night? Then this is your spot. However, you can dance out the hangover when it gets fully dark as some Dj’s will be on the ground to ensure this happens. It’s a major hangout for friends in the evening but for the better part of this club, it is seen as a place to steam up for the mega night clubs. A place of momentum for the big deal later in the middle of the night. Perhaps queens are not known for mad fun.

Beach Parties in Mykonos

For all the spellbound beaches in Mykonos, there has got to be some fun attachments to them and so the beach parties come in to complement this natural endowments and spices up the entire crazy fun life of the party island of ancient Greece. Here some beach clubs to catch some of the gaga beach parties in Mykonos.

Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant


The Tropicana Beach Bar is located at the Paradise Beach and takes a leading position when it comes to wild beach parties in Mykonos. The beach party starts in the afternoon so you can partly sunbathe as well and extends late into the dead of the night. There are enough drinks to tag along and more fun to last all night long. There are sunbeds available for renting and an umbrella goes for 20 Euros for the entire length of the day. This is one of the sexiest bar beaches in the world and it attracts tons of young people across the globe who love to have the time of their lives in the summer.

Paradise Beach Club


Sited on the paradise beach itself is the paradise club which is about the most prominent night club on the beaches of Mykonos and even famous throughout the island asides being a king on the beach. The throng of revelers is a common sight here daily. There are cocktails, much energetic dancing, and the entertainment come in bouts. Techno, house music, and rock set the rhythmic background for the fun to begin and sustains it till the end. International Dj’s like Marlo and Helena Legend sees to this. Shuttles are always available to and fro Mykonos town. This beach club is owned by the Paradise Beach and by the way, the fun gets geared up after midnight, it’s a serene beach club for the better part of the day.

Cavo Paradiso


And yet another cause for excitement for visitors of the stunning paradise beach comes in the form of the Cavo Paradiso – a beach club on the beach. This club dangles from a cliff with a vantage point to catch the roaring waters of the sea. It is one of the best night clubs away from the town of Mykonos and foremost amongst ratings. From an open-air dance floor with prominent international DJ’s creating a dancing atmosphere to the ocean view where a cocktail at hand gives you the thrill, Cavo Paradiso is better experienced than told. The highlight of this beach club lies in its aesthetic beauty while retaining the island’s natural picturesque heritage. As usual, the heat is on when it’s past midnight. Shuttles are available to and fro Mykonos town anytime.

Jackie O’Beach Club and Restaurant

This new kid on the block in the beach fun features a 150 seater capacity restaurant, a spacious open bar, pool, big Jacuzzi, private lounges and a church for ceremonies. Parties are held here although not all night long because the beach club opens at 9 am and closes at 1 am. You could steam here for the night specialists club but if you aren’t a night owl, then this is your place. Their cocktail is super and you’d realize it was worth every cent spent on it. The ocean view is mesmerizing, their services are topnotch and everything here screams of class. Perfect place to party in a laid back style and hold events that will be relished forever.

Kalua Beach Bar


Located on the Paraga Beach, this beach club has been hosting some of the greatest beach parties on the Paraga Beach for 14 years and still counting. The day time serves as a warm-up period for what the night holds while you are being served with the Kalua’s spectacular watermelon cocktails by seasoned bartenders. The slogan here is “Every day is a beach party” and by that, you don’t need further convictions on the fun legitimacy of this place. Thronged by a youthful lot who bring in all their energy to the game, this place is hardly a boring spot. The fun takes full effect at night and the hits never stop till the sun intervenes and places it on hold waiting for the sunset.

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