The Ultimate Honeymoon Planner Guide

Congratulations to the newly-wed or soon to get married couple!  As you have made it official, now it’s a perfect time to unwind yourself from months and months of wedding preparations. Planning a honeymoon is the much-needed respite and gives you a chance to enjoy and spend some quality time with your beloved.

Honeymoon is the most romantic and exciting journey for just married lovebirds. As a husband and wife, this romantic trip will give you the moments that you will reminisce for a lifetime. A little planning can give you a perfect and relaxing vacation that suits your style.

While romance and love are the top priorities of a honeymoon, this planner guide will help you in making your first romantic trip better as Mr. and Mrs.

Plan Together

It is necessary to begin your lifetime journey on a compatible and romantic note. Planning your honeymoon is the first step in making decisions together after understanding the likes and dislikes of each other. Apart from knowing each other better, it also allows you to understand how things work out when your opinions do not match. While planing, you will also get to know what you share in common. This helps in strengthening your relationship and brings the two of you closer to each other.

It is a constructive way to exchange your ideas, feelings, interests, and enjoy more intimacy. While planning, when the partners think about each other choices, it not only makes things smooth, but the compromising skills also create a magical spark in your newly tied relation. Like Europe is an ideal blend of romance, adventure, architecture, and nature.   So, if your partner is an adventure enthusiast and you love architects, then Europe can be your perfect honeymoon destination.

Though the wedding is your big day, it’s not only about you. Your friends and family are also involved in it, and giving them an enjoyable and best time at your marriage is also a priority. But the honeymoon is only about the two of you. You spend that time together without worrying about the rest of the world. Going to the destination of your choice that you both like, gives you a chance to relax and feel pampered. It’s a chance to reconnect after the long wedding planning and strengthens your relationship.

Plan Your Honeymoon Budget

While planning your honeymoon, the budget always remains your top concern. Think realistically, while finalizing your dream destination. To stay stress-free at your honeymoon, your selected destination should not go beyond your budget. For planning your budget successfully, figure out the time for which you are going on vacation. Look for the flights fare in that specific time of the year.

Along with the travel costs, you also need to look at the amount required to spend on meals, accommodation, sightseeing,  local public transportation for exploring the city, and miscellaneous expenses like holiday shopping, etc. at the destination. This gives you a rough idea about the total expenditure of your honeymoon. If you are considering saving money while deciding the budget for the honeymoon, save it on accommodation by selecting the romantic resort over the luxury hotel. This allows you to spend the money on other activities of you and your partner’s interest and live a new experience.

Remember this your first trip together, and you have many more to come. So something that you wanted to do but does not falls in your budget, you can plan it on your next trip. Set your priorities and go accordingly to enjoy your honeymoon without the stress of going beyond your set budget. You can prepare for a bigger trip later.

Do Not Rely Completely On Web Research

Getting ideas from Google research for your honeymoon planning is perfectly fine. But if you are thinking of relying on the search engine suggestions completely, then it might not work out. We are not saying that reviews are always false, but sometimes the picture displayed by others analyses might not match the reality.

It is also possible that the place that others find as per their likings and requirements might not be as per your taste. The pictures uploaded by different users on social media or search engines might help you in getting an idea about the location. After seeing the reviews and images uploaded on the social media and search engine, if any place convinces you, then consult it with your friends, family, and travel agent. This will help you in finalizing the amazing location for your honeymoon.

Select the Honeymoon Destination

As every couple is different, so don’t copy some other couple's honeymoon itinerary. Some like beaches, while others love to go on an adventurous honeymoon trip, filled with, skiing, hiking and waterfall chasing. But it is not necessary that you two will also enjoy going there. Taking advice from like-minded family or friends is good, but tailor it as you and your soulmates likings. Ensure you two are equally involved in your romantic trip; only then it would become a memorable honeymoon for the two of you.

Are you overwhelmed with the research of your honeymoon destination? Do you want someone else to take care of your budget and travel tastes? If yes, then consulting a travel agent can surely help as they can make all the bookings for you. From getting personalized attention at the finalized destination to offering you fair prices, a travel agent saves you from endless research and planning.

You can also post on your social media account to get recommendations for choosing a honeymoon destination from your friends. This also gives you a chance to share your excitement with your near and dear ones. If you have already selected your dream destination, quite possible, some of your friends have already been to the place. They may be able to guide you about the food, stay, and other better options to make your honeymoon memorable.

Don't Leave For Honeymoon Immediately

Some couples leave for their honeymoon directly after their reception or wedding in their wedding dress. Though this trip is necessary to relax, you need some time to catch your breath between your important trip and your wedding ceremony. You surely feel exhausted after your big day, so give yourself some time to rest so that you can enjoy your first trip together. Like if you had a wedding on Monday, you can leave for the honeymoon on Wednesday or Thursday. Some even prefer to leave after a week.

Take the time as you want, you can even head for the trip when your preferred destination has the best weather. Honeymoon is mainly aimed to spend some quality time together. So it hardly matters whether you go after two days, or a week later, or delays your honeymoon a little more. Plan it in a time when you both can really have fun and enjoy your special moments together.

A delay in honeymoon also gives you a chance to see your guests the next day, unwrap the gifts by your special friends and family. Along with making you feel relaxed, you also get some time to spend with family.

Balance Adventure and Relaxation at Honeymoon

Most of the couples like mixing adventure with relaxation for making their honeymoon perfect. They usually try to cover lots of things in a limited time. This will end up only exhausting you, and you won’t be able to enjoy your honeymoon. You wish to explore the new land and also like to participate with your partner in the exciting activities. But at the same time, you also need to relax and stay energized for enjoying the next day. Ensure you are maintaining a proper balance between relaxing, enjoying and trying adventures. Make proper schedule by adding some resort days that let you romance, relax, and take an adequate amount of rest. Only then you can have fun and enjoy your honeymoon.

Remember, your honeymoon is not like other vacations. It is a break between your busiest and biggest moments of life and navigating to the new life together. Ensure you both enjoy this honeymoon vacation to the fullest. Apart from going for hectic activities, tours and sightseeing, you should have enough time for yourselves.

So, don’t just book the hotel only for your arrival day or night at the destination. Your booking should be for the complete stay, and you can head out for your adventures from there.

Plan Surprises For Your Partner

It is great to plan a honeymoon together, but sneaking few surprises for your partner can make it more exciting. Usually, couples look for the most romantic surprises for their honeymoon.

Why wait for reaching the destination, you can even start it from the flight itself. A small gift in the flight begins your honeymoon on a sweet note. You can also coordinate with your travel agent or your hotel officials for planning or assisting you in surprising your soulmate. If you pre-inform your hotel about your honeymoon, they will offer you freebies like decorating your room with flowers, etc.

You can go for watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise together or go for a romantic dinner. Plan a surprise that gives a lasting lifetime memory to you and your spouse. You can even opt for planning small surprises throughout the trip for your partner, like decorating the hotel room, leaving a love note on his or her pillow, etc.

If your partner likes to stay in more, you can also schedule a room service surprise at night. The night-time snack surprise of your partner’s choice will let you enjoy snacking in the bed. You can arrange a photo shoot at a unique and beautiful scenic spot.

Whatever you do, your spouse will surely appreciate your sweet gesture. These little surprises are going to add more romance and excitement to your romantic trip.

Stay Mindful About Holiday Time

While planning the honeymoon, couples often overlook holiday time. During school holidays and festivals, various popular destinations see families and school kids in abundance. So, before you book your hotels or flight tickets for your honeymoon, see to it that you are planning it at the best time to travel and not during the holiday period.

Don’t let your romantic trip be filled with a bunch of school kids screaming all around. It would also be best to avoid booking your stay at family resorts. Select the hotel or resort that caters to the requirements of honeymoon couples. Your selected place should be surrounded by romantic whistles and bells all around. Like outdoor showers, breakfast in bed, etc. Along with fulfilling your interests, your selected place should offer you enough privacy, enabling you to spend the best time with your soulmate. While staying away from the crowded destination, you would be able to establish your travel goals together.

Whether it is the most awaited honeymoon or you are heading out a few days only after your marriage, this needs to be perfect. So put all efforts to plan it wisely that is filled with full of romance, excitement, and fun.

Moreover, while booking a room for your honeymoon, it would be beneficial if you inform the hotel that you are on your honeymoon. Many places offer special services to the honeymoon couple, that otherwise, they charge from their guests. These specialized services include couples massages, candlelight dinner, and many other perks.


Usually, the groom plans a honeymoon, and the selected destination is a surprise for the bride. The bride might feel overwhelmed with this romantic gesture, but planning it together makes it more romantic. This is also a direct way to strengthen the relationship by developing a strong connection as a couple.

With all these tips, your trip will be planned in the best way. Relax a little, enjoy and make countless memories while enjoying your first romantic vacation as a couple. Capture all your special moments on the honeymoon. When you grace the walls of the room or home with these beautiful pictures, it lets you reminisce about your romantic experience.

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