The Ultimate Guide for Igloo Hotels

If you have a thing for stars and the Northern lights, then the winter is the best time for you to have that once in a life of time experience sleeping in a glass igloo beneath the distant skies cluttered with stars of lights and behold the awestruck visuals of the firmaments in our very own milky way. The thought freezing should not make you fret since the glass roof is heat insulated to maintain the usual room temperature of your typical hotel room during winter. Even when the temperatures are approaching subzero, you won’t even notice because the electrically heated glass is doing an incredible job keeping your confinement warm. The beds in your small glass winter house are all mobile, this is to ensure you can comfortably adjust it in a position to give you a clear sky view of perhaps a constellation if you are lucky. Igloo hotels are usually opened during winter and here we give the guide to some of the best igloo hotels around the world.

Best Igloo Hotels


While Finland stands out as a foremost destination for igloo hotels, other countries like Norway, Greenland, Sweden, and Iceland are rising and matching up to the game. Here are some of them.

1. Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, Saariselka, Finland


This has got to be the most popular Igloo hotel in the world. It is situated in the Northern region of Finland in Saariselka where you find a blend of glass igloos and rustic conventional chalets. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Igloo Hotel offers you a deluxe bedroom with your spectacular heated glass roof to afford you the viewing pleasure of the stars and the night sky. Some of them come with a sauna and a fireplace that sets the ambiance for a perfect romantic endeavor or just a family’s idea of a mind-blowing once in lifetime outdoor experience. This resort is strategically positioned in a region best suited for what it offers and it is often revered as one of the perfect locations to view the aurora or Northern Lights.

2. Lyngen North

Situated on the outskirts of Tromso in Northern Norway by the Lyngenfjord in the Lyngen North Glass Igloo Hotel. It isn’t a super-sized igloo hotel but sure does wonders in offering you the firmaments while you stare deep in awe under glass in winter. It has just five glass igloos and two houses but it’s the ideal way to isolate yourself from the world and brood over deep things or enjoy a rare romantic experience with your spouse. You have the opportunity to experience the amazing view of the aurora borealis as the northern lights season kicks off from September. You have the option of choosing between the 360˚ igloo with a queen-size bed and the 180˚ glass igloo with a king-size double bed. Both come with adequate toilet facilities that feature a WC and shower. The temperature is warm just like the average room in Norway on winter, compliments of the electric glass. Spark up some creativity in this secluded unique confinement that’s beautiful and offers you the pleasure of beholding nature’s horizons.

3. Snowman World Glass Resort, Rovaniemi, Finland


If you are looking for a flawless ambiance and a location to experience the aurora borealis, then the Snowman World Glass Resort situated at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland offers you that and more. Every feature of this unique igloo hotel has been designed to give you the perfect view of the northern lights. From the glass huts that took after the orthodox Kota huts by the Sami people to the large windows and glass ceilings, everything was programmed to awe you and give you a one-time experience you would forever relish. Some of the rare features of each apartment in this igloo hotel you can hardly find anywhere else include;

  • Wifi Connection so you can keep in touch seamlessly with the rest of the world
  • 24- Hour front desk for inquiry
  • Tour desk for tour bookings
  • On-site restaurant
  • Flat-screen LCD TV
  • Private sauna and Hot spring outdoor hot spa
  • Mini kitchen, toilet, and bathroom
  • Double bed and additional beds for two persons at maximum

4. Borealis Basecamp, Fairbanks, Alaska

With the intent of sharing with the rest of the world how stunning Alaska’s scenery is, this hotel was built and has been living up to it ever since. It is located a couple of miles away from Fairbanks where it sits in seclusion immersed deep into nature’s endowments. This camp has a glass ceiling to offer you breathtaking views of the night sky and the aurora borealis while you are laidback in a cozy bed. It’s the perfect escape from all the hustling and bustling in your resident clime to find tranquility and meditate. Perfect getaway for fun lovers. There is a little kitchen if you would want to make your own dishes. There are very few things that could beat that feeling of beholding the horizons with the constellation while resting on a luxurious bed at night in winter. 

5. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway


By the banks of the River Alta, sits the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel regarded as the most northern ice hotel in the world. As if that is not a wonder enough, it also has the most sought after the delight of artic regions – a view of the northern lights. Guests are entitled to this fantastic view of the northern lights at nights, adding more color to the entire experience. The Alta Igloo hotel has 30 rooms and suites. In addition to this, it has houses on an ice bar, there’s a chapel built with ice and some amazing sculptures built entirely with ice. There is a sauna and an ice bar where you get great wines to soothe your taste. To make things more awesome, the glasses that you would be served with to gulp your liquid contents are entirely made of ice, you’ve never met an icier hotel than the Sorrisniva igloo.

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