The Most Expensive Gifts for Valentine's Day

Just when it seems like you have successfully made it through holiday shopping, Valentine's Day sneaks its way around the corner and throws a whole new challenge in your direction. This holiday requires careful thought and planning to find an exquisite gift for that special man in your life. Valentine's Day gifts are supposed to symbolize our love, therefore, you may find that you have to think outside of the box to find something that your special someone does not already have.

Men can be difficult to shop for. (Although, if you asked most men, they would probably say that women are hard to buy for, too.) This is probably because no matter how many years or decades you have spent with someone, we all have different tastes, wants, and wishes. According to the consumer research firm, AYTM, women looked forward to holiday shopping more than men, with 70 percent versus 30 percent representing their strong anticipation for holiday shopping, respectively, but that still does not make finding the most expensive gifts for the love of your life any easier if you are a woman.

You might have to do some undercover investigative work to determine which expensive gifts would make your significant other elated, and truly show them how much you love them. Before you start shopping for Valentine's Day, try these three simple steps to complete an assessment for the perfect expensive gifts for him:


1) Identify His Likes & Loves

Obviously, he loves you. If you have children, he loves them, too, but reach beyond that. You are looking for meaningful Valentine's Day gifts to buy him. What makes him happy? What does he enjoy doing? What makes him feel loved and important? What could enhance his likes and loves? These individualized, personal qualities can be quite helpful when you are perusing potential expensive gifts for men, and they can definitely assist you with discovering a gift that will represent precisely how much you love him.

2) Listen Carefully & Pay Attention to Detail

Once you have a good understanding of what makes him happy, pay close attention to the things that he does and listen to what he says. Notice the types of things that he reads, the television advertisements that he comments on, and anything that he pauses to look at as he walks through stores. (Taking a day to window shop at the mall weeks before Valentine's Day would be implementable, too.) Listen while he is chatting with family and friends. If you are paying attention, you will notice that he drops clues that can lead you to the most expensive gifts that he will find purposeful in his life.

3) Commit to Memory

This is probably the easiest step of the three but can become more difficult if you start thinking about Valentine's Day all year long, rather than at the last minute. If you put in the effort throughout the year to continuously do the first two steps, you should have an excellent list of expensive gifts that he would love by the time holidays come around. More importantly, you will already know exactly what will be perfectly representative of your love come Valentine's Day. Rather than trying to keep a running list in your mind, simply add a reminder or a list in your phone, and when the holidays near, you will be prepared to grab that gift.


Expensive Gifts for Men

 Unfortunately, it is so much easier to fall back into old habits and purchase an old reliable, such as one of his favourite colognes, a Burberry tie, or bottle of wine for Valentine's Day. Instead, these expensive gifts for men will help you step out of your comfort zone and try something new; something that he can enjoy doing and will remember for a long time to come. These are gifts that will let him know that you have put some creative thought and a whole lot of love into your purchase.



Cloud 9 Living Gift 

Give him an experience that he will never forget from Cloud 9 Living. On the website, you select the location that you want the experience to be in. Right now, they only offer U.S. experiences, but there are plenty to choose from. Balloon rides, zip line adventures, or give him the opportunity to fly a fighter jet or drive a race car. Many of the experiences allow to or more people, so you can spend the time together as a couple or as a family.




Spa Visit 

Some men may not want to admit it, but according to SpaFinder, 47% of men make up the U.S. Spa market today as opposed to 10% two decades ago. They mentioned that the U.K. is also seeing a rise, as well. Additionally, 51% of men admitted they would be interested in hydrotherapy, while 47% of men said that they would like to try acupuncture and mind and body treatments. Let him know that he does not have to buy you a present for Valentine's Day, make it a couple's day, and book appointments for the both of you. Better yet, book an entire weekend at a spa retreat for the both of you.




Wine Tour Weekend

Another romantic type of getaway for the two of you, this is an expensive gift for men that keeps on giving. Sit back and enjoy sipping on an assortment of savoury wines of all flavours during the day while touring the vineyards. Then, at night, most wine tour weekends include a relaxing stay in a beautiful bed & breakfast or inn situated in the countryside. A wine tour weekend provides both of you with an experience that will remain a special memory for many years to come.



(Milan, Italy)

Weekend Getaway

Is there a place that he has always wanted to visit, but has never had the time to get there? Make the time this Valentine's Day. Make all of the reservations, arrangements for the children if you have any, and keep your plan a secret until right before the weekend. Let him know that the two of you are heading to the city of his dreams with a simple card and his plane ticket tucked inside. There might be certain places he would like to visit or events he would like to attend when he actually arrives in the city of his dreams, so be sure to leave some time open in the schedule so that he can visit those places or accomplish those things. 




Steak & Lobster Feast

This is one of those expensive gifts for men that requires a specific taste. If he loves steak and lobster and would prefer to stay in the comfort of his own home for Valentine's Day, a steak and lobster feast from Harry & David might be the perfect choice for him. Included in this dinner, which is delivered raw but ready to cook, are four six-ounce beef tenderloin fillets and four six-ounce lobster tails from the Caribbean. Easy-to-prepare instructions for both the grill and the broiler and cooking tips are enclosed in the gift, as well. 



Other Expensive Gifts for Valentine's Day 


If none of the expensive gift ideas above seems to be a good fit or the two of you simply cannot get away for a short trip, you can always buy him something of the material nature. Refrain from reverting back to the old standbys that make you feel like you settled for second best, and try one of the following practical expensive gifts for Valentine's Day.



Custom Trousers

If it suits his taste, you could find a designer to create a pair of custom trousers for him. He will be able to select his favourite colours and style, and essentially let the tailor know exactly what he wants his custom trousers to look and feel like. This is a gift that most other men will not receive for Valentine's Day, therefore making it unusual and unique, as well as creative.




Custom Shoes

A man could have a closet full of designer shoes, but without a pair of custom shoes, he has yet to experience what it feels like to have footwear that was styled specifically for his very own feet. Most men do not get the opportunity to have a hand in creating their own pair of shoes, especially ones with his name written across them in the colour of his choice.



Salvatore Ferragamo Seven-Piece Belt & Buckle Box Gift Set

Belts for men are equivalent to a handbag for women; they serve a practical purpose while adding an accessory to the outfit. This men's gift set is exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus. Inside of the luxury gift box, he will find Italian craftsmanship in the form of two smooth leather belts that come with five interchangeable Gancini belt buckles. Four of the buckles are brass, coloured in chrome, silver, black, and gold, and the fifth is flower print resin. 




Versace I Love You Baroque Bathrobe

At the end of the day, every man wants to feel like the king of the house. Say “I Love You” with the Versace I Love You Baroque bathrobe, which was crafted in Italy and designed with super-soft cotton towelling that will make every evening his favourite time of day. The logo-jacquard robe is black and trimmed with gold Medusa-head print, and looks just like it was fit for a king.thereagun-muscle-weight-jpg


While he is sporting his new robe after a long, tiring, and stressful day, he could be enjoying some muscle relief from this professional-grade percussive therapy device. Delivering advanced deep muscle treatment, relieving tension, tightness, soreness, and pain, this device can function with the assistance of a companion app that provides routines and treatment tips. The four different attachments were designed by physicians and can perform trigger point therapy or simply provide relief from everyday muscle pain and soreness.




Intrecciato Leather Billfold Wallet

 If he did not receive a new one for Christmas, he will probably need a wallet by the time Valentine's Day comes around. Practical and useful for every day, Bottega Veneta's classic brown wallet boasts Italy's finest craftsmanship with its intrecciato woven design on the outside. On the inside, there are plenty of card slots, a bill compartment, and even a couple of secret compartments, to help him remain organized.




Timeless Cuff Links

Genuine vintage watch parts are used to create these Ravi Ratan cuff links, therefore each set will be unique and collection-worthy. Designed from gunmetal-plated metal, each individual cuff link features a mixture of jewels, levers, and gears that will make a trendy statement for any occasion. 




Touchscreen Leather Gloves

 When it is cold outside, every man needs a pair of warm leather gloves to keep the chill away. However, not all leather gloves are created equal. Fratelli Orsini's Men's Italian Cable Knit Cashmere and Leather Winter Gloves feature a unique cable-knit design in brown or black lamb suede leather and Genuine Knitted Italian Cashmere. The palms of the gloves are made of lambskin, the hem is welted with leather, a leather cinch strap wraps around the wrist, and the inside of the gloves are lined with Italian cashmere for the softest warmth. The best feature of these gloves, though, is the touchscreen capability; all of the fingers should work with any gadget he wants to use. 



Hopefully, this time around, you are not at a loss for ideas for expensive gifts for Valentine's Day to get for that special man in your life. But, if you still feel like you are struggling with locating the exact gift you are looking for, go back and remind yourself about the steps to find the perfect expensive gifts above.

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