The Best Hangover Brunch Places In Madrid

After a long night out of partying on a warm summer weekend in Madrid, you've slept in late because it's vacation why not? Well, what better way to cure your hangover and reenergize yourself than with some of the finest brunch Madrid has to offer.

Brunch is still relatively new to the Madrid cuisine, brunch is neither breakfast or lunch, it's both. Choose from sweet or salty or combine them both, whatever works best for a late morning start to the day.

What Time Is Brunch?

Although you may be wondering what time does brunch start? Brunch is usually eaten between 10 am up to 2 pm. Although Madrid may be new to the scene, they are not shy of some sensational brunch spots. So why not enjoy your late start to the day with a gourmet brunch and a glass of mimosa to get your blood flowing again.

Brunch Madrid


Calle de la Libertad, 12, 28004 Madrid



The perfect cure to a long Saturday night. Propaganda 12 celebrate champagne brunch every Sunday. With a wide selection of sweet and salty buffet, beverages, Benedictine eggs and finally a selection of over 40 champagnes to choose from. What champagne will be your cure?

Hours: 1 - 4 pm 
Average Price: 


Plaza de la Independencia, 4, 28001 Madrid



Brunch at Ramses is no ordinary experience. The restaurant focuses on its exceptional modern interior design, bringing a touch of French architectural culture to Madrid by French designer Philippe Starck. Ramses does not only stun with its interior design, but chef Aurelio Morales from the Michelin Guide of recommendations also sets the morning mood with his renowned weekend brunch menu. Including Spanish meats, Benedict eggs, Greek yogurt and some of the freshest juices. Enjoy the scenery of Paris architecture with a gourmet breakfast in the heart of Madrid.

Hours: 12 pm
Average Price:

Hotel Ritz

Plaza de la Lealtad, 5, 28014 Madrid



Looking to live the lavish lifestyle? Wake up to a 5-star breakfast at the Hotel Ritz, Madrid. Choose to dine in the hotel's Restaurant Goya or enjoy the open terrace facing the exquisite gardens. The brunch selection includes the finest delicacies from the capital of Spain, paired with dishes from all over the globe. Elegance is a virtue at the Ritz from the elegant pastries to the cushins under your buttocks, wake up to luxury.

Hours: 1:30 - 3:30 pm 
Average Price:

Ganz Café-Bistrot

28014, Calle de Almadén, 9, 28014 Madrid



At Ganz Café-Bistrot enjoy a variety of dishes from international cuisines. The chef, Pascual Medel brunch menu is innovated from his array of travels across the world. He sets cultural differences aside and shares the love of the many traditional dishes, including food from Italy, Sweden, and the United States. Travel the world through food, in the French-inspired café with the must-try brunch menu from the Ganz Café-Bistrot.

Hours: 12 - 5 pm 
Average Price:


The Westin Palace

Plaza de las Cortes, 7, 28014 Madrid



There are plenty of outstanding brunch spots on our list, however, nothing compares to the experience The Westin Palace provides. If you are truly looking for the most sensational place for brunch in Madrid the Westin Palace has it all. Sunday afternoons host a range of live performances from classic operas to tradition Spanish performances under the spectacular glass dome. Enjoy a vast selection of dishes from lobster to caviar or treat yourself to some sensational chocolate treats. This really is the pinnacle of dining in style.

Hours: 7am - 11:30pm 
Average Price:

Mür Café


Plaza Cristino Martos, 2, 28015 Madrid


The classic full English breakfast is the signature dish at Mür cafe. Stop by and indulge into some smoked salmon, Benedict eggs or choose from the wide variety of bagels. Mür cafe is the perfect example of sometimes simple is best. If your looking for a quick brunch, that's going to fill you up then Mür Café is the spot for you.

Hours: 10am-2am 
Average Price:

El Brunch Del Wellington

Calle de Velázquez, 8, 28001 Madrid



If one thing is for certain Madrid has a vast selection of lavish brunches. The 5-star hotel Wellington located just 15-minute drive from the heart of Madrid comprises of Italian and Spanish hams, fruits rich in flavor and an almost endless selection from the exquisite buffet. Turn up in style with a classy outfit for a morning showing at the Hotel Wellington.

Hours: 12-4pm 
Average Price: 





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