How To Find True Happiness Within Yourself


“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  ― Abraham Lincoln

A famous quote, which states that happiness is nothing but a state of mind. One can easily find joy, even in small things. The only thing one needs to do is - make up the mindset.

Anything from the chirping of birds to soft breezes, countryside to city lifestyle, can help you find happiness if you give it a try. Even memories of childhood, moments spent with loved ones, and even snowfall can make you happy.

Why it always happens that if we have 100 reasons to stay satisfied and only 10 to be sad, we choose to focus on those 10? It is because we tend to think that happiness is a choice and let sadness overcome our happiness in the process.

The following article will give you a vivid idea on how to find happiness within yourself. But before that, let’s briefly discuss the root cause of sadness.

Root Cause



Many people depend on others for love and approval. Their continuous urge that something is missing within themselves that only others can complete brings sadness.

Also, in Bronnie Ware’s bestselling book - The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, she said that the common regret people feel while dying is that why wouldn’t they let themselves be happier. She added that people might think happiness is in their control, but somehow they don’t allow themselves to do the things that bring joy.

Have a look at some of the tips to be happy throughout your life.

Make A Decision



The first and foremost step to climb the ladder of happiness is to make a firm decision about being happy throughout your day. You need to change your mind’s state and distracts it from anything that affects your period of joy.

Take a diary and jot down your definition of happiness. Make a list of things that helps you stay calm and bring joy in your life.

Try to find triggers that can lead you to a positive state of mind. Eliminate all the negative vibes by indulging yourself in something constructive.

Apart from that, you must believe that you can stay happy no matter what.

Visualize Your Best Possible Self



To stay happy, you must visualize the best side of yourself and to achieve that version, you must set goals in your life. Then, think about the happiness you will get after achieving those goals. Basically, visualize the “future you.”

Make sure that the goals you set must have a personal motive and not a status symbol. Write down the details about how you are going to achieve your goals and what you have to do to make them work.

Apart from that, you can also figure out your signature strengths and how they will aid in attaining your future goals.

Do not focus on what people will think or say. It is about you, and you know what road you have to take that can lead you to happiness and self-satisfaction.

woman sitting on sand beside of This is My Happy Place signage

Forgive & Forget



Now, this is the very key to happiness. Many researches have shown that forgiving has various enhanced advantages for the forgiver. Forgiving makes you calm and can have more peaceful effects on your well-being.

No matter what amount of blunder you have caused, always try to forget it, forgive yourself and move on to a new beginning. Do not let your past mess up with your present cause it will only make you feel shattered.

Moreover, try to forgive others as well, no matter how bad they were with you. This will set you free from any grudges and brings peace of mind within yourself.

Furthermore, try not to blame others for whatever evil happens with you. Just forget the bad memories, listen to your heart, and look out for happiness.




According to studies, meditation is a powerful weapon to heal any negative thoughts in mind. Meditation comes in several forms, such as Kundalini yoga, Zen, Loving-kindness, mindfulness, and Laughter meditations.

You can take the help of a meditation expert and find out what form of meditation suits you the best. Make it a routine task because meditation gives impressive results when done regularly.

During meditation, when you close your eyes and release focus on your forehead, you find that several negative vibes and problems are surrounding you. But with regular practice, you will be able to find peace and direction to happiness.

It also helps in listening to your inner voice and removes any chaos.

woman meditating on wooden dock during daytime

Practice Appreciation



To stay happy, it is essential to spend some time figuring out where happiness came from and actively appreciate it. Show real gratitude to all the things that surround you, which includes the people who are trying hard to make you feel happy.

It also helps in declining the levels of anxiety & depression, strengthens your relationship with people, and revitalizes your compassion.

Although some people are born grateful, for others, it comes with practice. You can train yourself by taking time every day and be thankful for all that you have.

You can also develop gratitude by saying thanks to clerks, delivery people, and co-workers more often. This will automatically bring happiness into your life.

Make Wise Choices



The key ingredient to stay happy is that be with people who are optimistic and make you smile and not with those who have a pessimistic approach to life.

No doubt, you can help them but not when you’re struggling as well. Keep loving yourself and never put your self-esteem behind anything else.

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

A Final Thought



The important thing to stay happy is that rather than wandering for happiness here and there, try to find your self-confidence. Also, we must value and love ourselves first. You should know that happiness is linked with you and your behavior and not with anyone else.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, then finding happiness within yourself is not a difficult task. Just in case things get out of your control, it is fine to take help from a professional.




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