Fendi Cafe Pop Up Harrods

Fendi is an Italian fashion brand that recently collaborated with the renowned luxury department store, Harrods, to set up a pop-up cafe. Designed by the artist Joshua Vides as a part of the exclusive summer takeover, the cafe brought life to London!

From bespoke bags, art & creativity, fashion accessories to delicious food, Fendi cafe on the fifth floor of Harrods gave customers a rich experience. We’ll dive into the amazing illustration of the luxury fashion brand that operated for two months in London. Let’s first put some light on its fascinating history.

Fendi’s History-An Expression of Feminine Power

The journey of this giant fashion house began as a small shop for leather goods and furs in Rome by Adele and Eduardo in 1925. After the demise of Eduardo in 1946, his five daughters, each specializing in leather wear, furs, sales, and public relations, took over their family business.

With hard work and commitment to bring their business to a high level, Fendi became a well-known luxury brand in the 80’s. At this very time, its logo (double F) was formed that was first used to create textiles for suitcases.

Till today, over 1000 versions of baguette handbags have been produced that have met extraordinary success all around the world.

Now that you know how this fashion brand evolved, it’s time to talk about what Fendi offered its customers at Harrods.

Excellent Italian Foods and Drinks at Fendi Cafe

While the menu included everything from beer, wine, to champagne, and Aperol Spritz, the cappuccino and latte stole the show. With ‘FF’ dusted on the top of the coffee, cakes and bag-shaped biscuits, they look pretty adorable. The monochrome FF logo walls, menus, plates, tables, cups, and saucers - all reflected the rich artworks.

Besides beverages, the menu covered plenty of foods paninis, salads, meatballs, lasagne, gnocchi, etc. Italy is known for its desserts, and the pop up cafe didn’t disappoint the shoppers. The delicious ‘Tiramisu’ with coffee-soaked sponge layered beneath cream topping served the customers with Italian delight. Torta Caprese was another sweet treat at the cafe.

Custom Peekaboo Bar at Fendi Cafe Harrods

With its pop up cafe, Fendi exhibited its creativity, signature craftsmanship, and iconic spirits to Harrods. The Peekaboo bar provided the shoppers with an opportunity to produce a unique Peekaboo bag of their own for the first time ever. Twenty different iterations of the body along with 25 variations of the removable handle and 7 types of straps were available.

The customers would pick and mix these three elements to create new possibilities to design the bags. In addition to this, the shoppers could pick up a defender cover for the small Peekaboo and get it personalized with the initials of their choice.

The Luxury Shoe Haven

Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi has taken over the shoe haven space Harrods to showcase its exquisite spring and winter collection. Some of the highlights are Fendi’s Colibri tech mesh slingbacks, FFreedom ankle boots with square-shaped heels, mid-top sneakers with sock silhouette, etc.

The footwear pop up space will be updated every month till December 2019 as per the different drops. So, grab the opportunity to choose your favorite Italian-styled winter boots.

The Men’s Piazza Pop Up

Besides Italian delicacies, Fendi bags, and shoes, another attraction at Fendi’s pop up cafe was the Men’s Piazza. In this place, Fendi showcased a special preview of Fendi men’s FW19 accessories collections.

The customers got an opportunity to see the ‘masterpieces’ of the coming season. The top selections included were the first Baguette for men, while spotlighting the pieces from the collaboration between Karl and Fendi.

Some More Interesting Facts about Fendi Fashion House

Now that you know how Fendi enticed the shoppers of Harrods with its pop up cafe. Let us discuss some more interesting things about this luxury fashion brand.

  • Fendi exclusive designs area worn by the famous fashion-conscious fellas, including the Madrid soccer star Karim Benzema, rapper Rich the Kid, US basketball player Rudy Gay, and many others.
  • It has been one of the hot names to drop in the menswear in recent years.
  • The ultimate fashion house used to employ Alessandro Michele before he became the director of Gucci.
  • Fendi presented its summer collection during a show that was staged at the top of the Great Wall of China. It was the only fashion to ever be visible from the moon!
  • It is one of the major Italian luxury fashion houses, offering ready-to-wear for men and women, accessories, shoes, fragrances, timepieces, etc.

Something About Designer Fendi It Bags

Now, let’s take a look at the best, designer handbags that have been toted by street style stars, celebrities and royals.

Zucca Patent and Leather Handbag

The Zucca logo garnered a spot in the pop culture history when Carry Bradshaw made it synonymous with fun, fashion, and female empowerment on Sex and the City in 90’s and 2000’s. However, the bag has again turned into a nostalgic fashionable item.

The Peekaboo

Fendi debuted this chic bag in the summer/spring of 2009. This versatile fashion accessory is the Fendi’s most iconic and best-selling bags till today!

The B Bag

Introduced by Fendi in 2006, the B bag was inspired by a B buckle belt. Featuring big buckles on the front, closure, and shoulder straps, it looks exceptionally amazing.

These are just a few of the most sought-after handbags of from Fendi. However, the list is endless!

Exotic Footwear Collection at Fendi’s Luxury Shoe Haven, Harrods

Made with fine Italian craftsmanship and attention to every delicate detail, Fendi offers a wide range of leather shoes for men and women. Some of the highlights are Neoprene logo high pumps, stretch-knit high booties, two-tone sneakers, FendiMania sock style, fur detail pumps, and many more!

If you are in Harrods or planning to visit there, don’t miss the opportunity to step into The Luxury Shoe Haven that was set as a part of Fendi cafe pop up in London. It is going to showcase the ultimate next season’s styles till the end of this year.

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