Dream Destinations for This Winter

Winter is around the corner, and travel enthusiasts must be gearing up for their dream winter vacations. Are you also planning a trip for this season? If yes, then here are some of the dream destinations that you would like to visit this winter.

Whitefish, USA-A Gateway to Peaks, Lakes and Glacier-Carved Valleys

Dive in the beauty of the scenic views of mountains covered in snow at Whitefish, USA. This ski town is in the rocky mountains of Northwest Montana. It is one of the best winter destinations in North America that straddles the border of the United States and Canada.
With a plethora of bustling shops and beautiful resorts situated on the Big Mountain, there is a lot to do here. ‘Glacier,’ a popular park in Montana, allows the visitor to enjoy in the wonderland of rock, water, ice, and forests. But, the real pull about this spot is the annual winter festival. In this festival, the entire town celebrates the beauty of winter by organizing exciting events such as dances, torchlight parade, Kiddie Carnival, etc.
The carnival hosts characters such as Queen of Snows, Viking Princesses, penguins, etc. Skijoring is another carnival highlight. So, pack your travel essentials and head to Whitefish to experience the snow-covered glory of the ice glaciers.

Cape Verde-Bliss to Winter Getaway

Nicknamed, ‘The Caribbean of Africa,’ Cape Verde is made of 10 small islands. Since the period between September and January are the warmest months in Cape Verde, it is an ideal place for enjoying winter sun holiday amidst beautiful beaches! Fill your days sunning yourself on sandy beaches, and hiking mountains. Visit the bars and clubs to enjoy the nightlife and lively music.
Further, this winter destination hasn’t been discovered by many. So, you can enjoy your trip to the best without the masses of other tourists. Sal, a popular island to visit, offers some of the excellent kite surfing spots.

Steamboat, Colorado-A Perfect Winter Ski Town

Around 160 miles northwest of Denver, Steamboat Springs in Colorado is a place where downhill first flourished. When the snow starts blanketing Steamboat Mountains, it’s consistently dry and feathery and dry that it earned its name as Champagne Powder snow.
With 3,000 skiable acres, peak elevation of 10, 568 feet, and 165 marked trails; it is a perfect place for skiers. Further, there is a terrain park right next to the daredevil’s delight for the novice riders.
If you a non-skier, you can also enjoy the view on the top of the mountain with a Gondola ride. From snowmobile rides to hot air balloon tours, there are a lot of adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. You can also find plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy delicious food.

Morocco-A Country of Sunshine

Morocco is another great country to spend your winter break. Besides the country’s Mediterranean climate, golden sand dunes and colorful marketplaces, Morocco sets the stage for a fantastic winter experience. The country remains warm throughout the winters as it sits on the edge of the Sahara desert.
Want to enjoy city break in the sun? You can head to the enticing city of Marrakech in Morocco. This ancient walled city is home to lush green gardens, palaces, and mosques. Due to the color of the brick walls surrounding the city, Marrakech is also known as the Red City.
The Erg Chebbi dunes are perfect for four-wheel-drive tours, camel treks, and winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding. The beach town of Essaouira offers water activities. You can find numerous galleries, museums, or rooftop cafes to enjoy the cooler months.

Finland-A Picture Perfect Winter Wonderland

The mere mention of Finland as a winter spot conjures up the mystical and enchanting thoughts. You can view nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, in a range of purpose-built spaces such as glass igloos. You can ski or sleigh under the brilliant sun for around 12 to 16 hours. If you want something more exotic, try skiing in the magical moonlight during the darkest ‘kaamos’ days of December.
Finnish winter has so many activities such as cross-country skiing, ice-skating, ice-fishing, etc. to make your trip worth remembering. Enjoy but ensure to dress up right for the weather.

Madeira-A European Gem to Travel in winters

Since temperature is nicely stable throughout the year, Madeira is truly a dream destination! Its pleasant climate and fresh mountain scenery make winter feel like spring on the islands of Madeira. The volcanic peaks and rugged terrain makes it a perfect place for hiking or walking.
Moreover, the place is not flooded with tourists, during the winter or fall; so, it eliminates the long waiting hours for seeing the main attractions. Also known as the ‘Island of Flowers,’ the old colonial charm of Funchal (Madeira’s capital) is a fantastic place for relaxing winter sun holiday.
You can also discover a variety of cetacean species around the Madeira Archipelago in the winters. Short-finned pilot whale, short-beaked dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, etc. are some of the most sighted species between November and February.

Mexico-The Most Beautiful Winter Destination

Mexico has been a travel gem among those who often travel abroad during their vacations. However, the tropical climate of Mexico makes it one of the coolest places to visit in the winter. When it comes to Mexico, Acapulco is the best place to relax in the warmth.
Just half an hour drive to north along the coast takes you to Yal-Ku-Lagoon, which is an underwater jungle of occasional turtle and tropical fish. You can discover the shallow pools, warm water before trying to find out where the lagoon meets the sea.
An island off Mexico’s eastern coast, Cozumel is a nice place to visit and experience the mix of culture and relaxation.

Singapore-A Snowy Destination for White Christmas

If you are dreaming of sipping hot chocolate while snow falling gently in the year-end, get your winter gear ready to experience a truly white Christmas. Since it lies extremely close to the equator, there are no distinct summer and winter seasons there. Moreover, the island doesn’t experience any dry season, so you can expect here rain at any time of the year.
Singapore hosts many events and carnivals in December, like Universal Christmas. Held at the Silosa Beach on Sentosa Island, the event sees world-class musicians performing and visitors taking part in the revelry. Besides, New Year countdown parties take place at the pubs and bars. Overall, it makes a great place to spend your year-end winter holidays.
While travelling to Singapore, remember to pack a separate duffle travel bag with water-resistant footwear, umbrellas, and raincoat with you.

Bali-A Paradise Island

What’s better to escape bitter cold months than an equatorial gem that has never seen snow? From surfers to newly-wed couples, Bali has been a draw on the travel route for every travelling enthusiast. Though this lovely Indonesian paradise has something for everybody and lets you enjoy the sunshine and tropical temperature.
The sunny weather and greenery will make you forget that it is winter back home. You can enjoy live events and vibrant nightlife at the beach clubs or restaurants. In addition to this, the nearby exotic small islands offer irresistible charms and picturesque location.

Dubai-A Perfect Winter Holiday Spot Full Of Sunshine

Though year-round sunshine is no mirage in Dubai, winter is the season to visit there. With countless cafes and restaurants, you can enjoy winter lunching while overlooking the aquamarine sea. Winter Evenings in Dubai are like spring nights elsewhere. Numerous outdoor bars are there to enjoy drinks with friends while relaxing in the salty sea breeze.
Take an excursion into the desert via jeep or camel. Or, simply soak up the sun and relax in a charming environment. If you are a shopping enthusiast, explore the largest shopping malls in the world in Dubai.

Harbin City, China-The Ice Kingdom

This is another amazing winter destination that you can’t ignore! Harbin city celebrates the winter season with Ice Festival every year from January to February. In this Ice and Snow World, you’ll get unique experience such as Ice Hotel Maze, Ice Bar, Golf or Football on the ice ground, etc.
You can also see winter activities for kids here. Songhua River running by Stalin Park offers slides, tubes, sledge, skating, etc. Often called as the Eastern Paris, Harbin witnesses a mixture of Russian and Chinese culture. Eating an authentic Russian meal is something you shouldn’t forget while travelling Harbin.
Besides this, in the winter season, the Harbin Polar land builds a ‘Polar Adventure Island’ outside Pole Aquarium. It is a snow experience project that allows tourists to explore polar animals such as penguins or snow foxes.
These are a handful of the exceptionally beautiful destinations that will mesmerize you and provide you with the most dream-like experiences. You can explore these wonderful tourist spots to enjoy your winter break to the fullest. So, pull on your sweater, throw a log on the fire, and plan your next winter weather getaway.

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