Does Spain Have the Best Gin?

When it comes to Gins and Tonics, Spain is gradually claiming the unrivaled monopoly of having the finest of gins since its creation so it’s likely safe to declare that this Spaniards enjoy the best gins the world has ever known. The Dutch pioneered the gins and the British placed the icing on the cake but the Spaniards flavored it beyond the ordinary and perfected the art of gin making. The Spanish gin comes with a unique tasty twist having been distilled perfectly from botanical sources to complement its rare ingredients. You can’t find the kind of gins offered in Spain anywhere else in the world safe for Spanish menus of bars beyond the Spanish shores. Gin Tonica phenomenon is the fuel behind the exceptional Spanish Gin. 

Here we look at the best gins to ever come out of Spain and heighten your cravings, Spain calls and you know you need to answer. 

The Best Spanish Gins 

Here are some of the most fantastic crop of gin tonics and cocktails that reflect Spain’s penchant for distilling the most spectacular gins ever tasted this side of the Milky Way. In no particular order, permit me to introduce you to;

Cool Gin 


Native to Spain, the Cool Gin is a tasty wonder and your tongues can testify to all of its goodness. Its literary purple in color, the bottle shouldn’t confuse you. That’s how special and cool the cool gin is. Juniper and violet candy are the botanicals used in the making, now you can see where the purple color found its way into the mix. The violet candy was probably included right after distillation. Grabbing a bottle of this gin and bringing it close to your mouth entitles you to some of its sweet-smelling offerings. Plenty of berries (blackberry and strawberry) and custard characterizes the aroma. Remember the juniper steams in the background and wows you at the end. It’s a contemporary gin and more modern than any of its counterpart around the world. The color might come as a turnoff for classic gin lovers but the taste is sheer convincing so the color disguise is forgiven afterward. Think of amazing cocktails and you will be glad the thought came in. It’s super for floral cocktails that bear a crème de violette in it. 

Gin Mare 


Another indigene of Spain, specifically the Catalon Mediterranean region. It is also called Mediterranean Gin. The Gin Mare is another unique delight that is distilled from the Destilerias Miquel Guanse distillery. The base spirit is a neutral grain one and the botanicals used in the making include Basils, thyme, rosemary, lemon, olive, juniper, and orange. The chief botanical or perhaps the trademark botanical of the Mare Gin is the local Arbequina olive but the citrus composition of this gin makes it spectacular. From naturally grown lemons and oranges being macerated for the year before being distilled, the Gin mare is produced from a blend of other fine botanicals to obtain the distinct final product. Before tasting, you are greeted with pleasant mild rosemary indicating its unique presence. Although it’s herbal but quite moderate in taste and smell compared to other herbal gins. If you love thyme, expect it here with a little heat as it trails out. It won’t be a bad idea if you get it married to a dish of your choice. As for the cocktail party, you can pair thyme and lemon and make a thyme lemonade as an end product. It should be noted here that thyme is easily subdued by citrus fruits and other resilient flavors. The Gin Mare has a unique smoothness coupled with the flavors from native ingredients like juniper and citrus that brings out all of their offerings into the mix. 

Port of Dragons 100% Pure 


From the Destileria Premium Spirit distillery comes this unique contemporary gin that is made from Almonds, angelica, aniseed, ginger, hazelnut, nutmeg, orange, vanilla, lime, juniper and a couple of other botanicals. All of the botanicals used in this gin are from the Port of Dragons and are dubbed “certified origin” depicting how authentic they are and how quality is the last thing you should worry about. This gin is distilled for up to four times in an old-fashioned manner but the taste does all the conviction you will need to pledge your loyalty. Bringing this bottle close to your face for indulging entails you perceiving a sweet smell of veggies, floral and aromatic ethanol. If your sense of smell is deep enough, you could have your nostrils greeted with hibiscus coated with a smell that resembles a citrus fruit like orange. You’ll encounter juniper as the gin graces your taste buds which won’t be too strong on you. There’s a tinge of bitterness in the taste and the alcohol is yet pronounced. Overall, the taste is smooth and not too sharp. You will certainly enjoy all of its flavors till the last liquid dries off your tongue without getting bored. Spain is revered as the gin capital of the world and that’s partly because of the gin and tonic combo and the tonic helps to tame some of the alcoholic taste in the notes of the port of dragons 100% pure. The Port of Dragons is one rich gin packing about 14 botanicals and you sure won’t be bored. 

The Perfect Mixers 


The variety they say is the spice of life. Variety is not the just the spice of gin but the pure delight of gin and I’m sure you are thinking of tonic. Well, tonic comes to mind whenever gin is mentioned. It’s one of gin foremost wives and the pair make an amazing sweetness when taken. Let’s look at the rest of other mixers including the popular tonic. So once you’ve got your gin, look at mixing it with anyone of the following 

Tonic Water


Like mentioned earlier, gin and tonic make an amazing pair. Find the right tonic and you’ve got the perfect mixer for your gin. Most tonics are usually embedded with a lot of sugar so it’s best you go for the popularly recommended fever tree. It’s a great tonic and you will be glad you took it. 

Soda Water


With soda water flavored with fresh lime or lemon, you can have a perfect blend for your gin. You don’t have to worry about sugars here, its soda water and it comes with low calories. You can have that gin as much as you can and not worry about weight cutting in the future. 



Hello martini lovers! Here comes your choice if you’ve been eyeing tonic with some sort of animosity. Vermouth is nicknamed “aromatized wine” and does pretty well with the botanicals in the gin to give you the best of gin experience. It’s one of the most fabulous cocktails of gin that you can ever have in your hands. 

Lime Juice 


With ice in the mix, adding a drop of syrup into lime and gin will certainly spice up your gin experience. Sugar is not in the combination and yet this blend is quite competitive. Expect a fusion of bitter, citrus and botanical taste gracing your tongue. Gin and lime are wonderful partners in the quest to get you a thrilling gin experience. 

Pineapple Juice 


Think of the great taste that pineapple in itself offers and you’ll be anticipating a sweet, bitter and tropical taste from its flavors. This mix does well with a London Dry Gin but can still make an awesome pair with your pick. The citrus components of the gin are there to accentuate the smooth taste your taste buds are bound to receive. 

Lemon Juice or Lemonade 


If you want a sweet and sour kind of mix with your gin, lemon serves that purpose. The lemon serves, for the better part of the experience – a bitter, citrusy taste. Lemonades, however, come with the direct contrast of providing you with something sweeter when you are bored to death and could use a sweetener in your gin and your life in its entirety. The choice between lemon and lemonades is yours depending on what you need at the given time. 

Cranberry Juice 


Still on sweet things, if you love the sweet experience always, then your gin would be sweeter with a mix with cranberry juice. You can inch up the variety with a fresh orange juice and have your tongues thanking you for it. 

The Most Expensive Gin 


The most expensive gin in the world goes to the Japanese Angel from the Cambridge Distillery. This gin is valued at $2700. Perhaps its expensive nature and the intricacies of production is why only six bottles of it are made in a single collection. The taste is exceptional – of course, you couldn’t expect less but you should expect the taste of sweet citrus and spice, bitter juniper and a finesse tail. The six bottles are presented in a decanter bottle hand blown in Cambridgeshire, a London based duo of designers – Loris & Livia ensures it’s artfully designed and then the Antoine Sandoz wraps it up with silver pieces.

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