Creating a Packing list When Travelling

Travelling for vacations, tourism, road trips, or just because, is kind of an escape for most of the people indulging in the activity. But, to make the most of your travelling experience, it is important to have the right things in an appropriate order. 

The “I-definitely-forgot-something” feeling is a nightmare when travelling anywhere, be it a domestic trip or going abroad. Packing for travelling can be annoying, exhausting, and confusing.

The best way to overcome this problem is creating a packing list for travelling. Every travel plan is unique, but there are many types of travel plans that need special attention. 

International travelling is a form of travelling that needs more attention to detail, and everything has to be planned in advance.



International Travel Checklist

Taking a leap into international travel and preparing for it is much more complicated. Let’s discuss the things needed to be done for travelling internationally:

The Basics

Packing for an international trip can be nerve-wracking. It is necessary to pack the basics first to keep everything in check. Packing clothes in an organized and layered way makes it easy to pack and makes room for more items to be accommodated.

Pack your clothes and essentials depending on the length of your trip and the destination you are travelling to. Try to carry at least one pair of stylish trousers, socks, underwear, shirt/T-shirt, and nightwear for each day of your trip. 

Carry accessories like your watch, a belt, walking shoes, hats, sunglasses, travel pillow, ear plugs, chargers, money conversion apps on your Smartphone, and chargers for your gadgets.

Pack smartly if your travel has many stops and you plan on visiting many destinations. This does not mean you have to carry extra luggage — Pack clothes in a way that you can mix-and-match your outfits according to the situation.

Many fashion-inspired people travel to the top fashion capitals of the world to learn about the latest trends in fashion.



Important Travel Documents

It is essential to carry important documents when travelling internationally. Try to organize all the documents you might need in one place. Here’s everything you might need in your international travel checklist, document-wise:

·        Your passport and/or visa.

·        Personal identification (ID).

·        Cash, credit, and debit cards.

·        Health insurance documents.

·        Travel insurance documents.

·        Transportation tickets for airplane, bus, train, etc.

·        Reservations & Itineraries (hard and soft copy).

·         Emergency contacts & Hotel or tour contact information.

·        Guide books & maps. 

·        Copies of all these documents in case you lose them.


Toiletries & Health Essentials

Having your toiletries and medication on hand whenever you need them is a blessing in disguise. Your toiletries must include a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, sunscreen, face wash, and makeup, and feminine hygiene items like sanitary pads and tampons. 

You can add extra items like razors, hairspray, nail clippers, facial tissues, toilet paper, and a travel towel, etc. according to your needs in your toiletries bag.

It is useful to check the destination’s official website for comprehensive travel vaccines, medicines, etc. for information. Here are a few health essentials you must consider carrying when travelling abroad:

·        First-aid kit.

·        Personal prescriptions and copies of those scripts.

·        Laxatives, pain relievers, cold medicines, allergy medicines, insect repellents, etc.

·        Multivitamins

·        Motion & altitude sickness pills.

·        Sleeping medication.

·        Hand sanitizer & wet wipes.

Prepare your Home

It is important to condition your home in a way if you are travelling for an extended period. Thinking about your home while being away is a part of this process.

·        Arrange for care of pets, plants, and lawns.

·        Pre-pay expected bills.

·        Empty the refrigerator of things that can expire.

·        Unplug all appliances and turn off the water heater and air conditioners.

·        Lock all doors and windows.

·        Turn off all water sources and store your valuables in a safe place.

·        Leave house keys with a trusted person.

·        Keep copies of flight and trip itinerary with a relative.

·        Reconfirm everything before leaving.

Make sure to pack in bags that are comfortable and easily accessible. A leather duffle travel bag is the perfect carry on for your essentials.

Travelling abroad can be a hassle if not planned well. Make the most use of the resources available to you and always refer to the checklist when preparing for an international trip.


Another adventurous and enjoyable form of travelling is on a road trip.  If you are planning a road trip, it is necessary to have a packing list in order. Like any other form of travelling, a road trip also must be planned and thought-out.

Things to Pack for a Road Trip

Let’s talk about the things you might need to carry on a road trip and how to create a packing list for it:

The Must have’s

·        License and registration of the vehicle.

·        The car’s insurance policy and important contact numbers.

·        The vehicle’s manual book.

·        A roadside emergency kit.

·        Spare tire and tools to fix a tire.

The Road Trip Accessories

·        Both paper and digital maps.

·        Money in the form of debit or credit cards. But mainly cash.

·        A first-aid kit and toiletries, especially toilet paper.

·        Insect repellents, water bottles, and a flashlight.


Personal Care Kit

Carry a toiletries bag that carries all the essentials you might need on a road trip. Your bag should contain sunscreen, body wipes, a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, etc.

The Comfort Kit

·        A travel mug & pillow.

·        Sunglasses & UV window shades.

·         Water bottles.

·        Painkillers & anti-inflammatory medication.

·        Flip-flops and a towel.

Connection & Entertainment Essentials

·        Phone chargers & USB cords.

·        Your favorite camera.

·        A few books to read.

·        Portable wifi device.

·        And to top it all off, a good music playlist for your road trip.


Thinking through your trip and activities beforehand will make your international and road trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Pack light and use these packing checklists for effortless and stress-free travelling.


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