Cheap and Affordable Flooring for your Home

The floors of your house are part of the most important structural details you should always look out for, you’ll be stepping on them for a very long time. Durability is topmost when looking at flooring before even deciding on which styles you are going to use. However, some of these floorings might be downright expensive because of the quality they bear, but we’ve decided you don’t have to break the bank to get good flooring for your home. You can do that on a very slim budget with some of the cheap and affordable floorings for home options that we will be showing you in this piece. The good part is that most of these flooring options are in the DIY category so you might not need an expert to get the job done. Take the liberty to peruse through and find your choice.

5 Cheap Flooring Options for your Home


1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring although can be mildly pricey, you can find cheaper options that are great and durable. They are made to replicate the look of hardwood, marble, cement or stone flooring. They are very easy to install, you’ve probably seen some homes with laminate planks and the way the planks snap together, it’s pretty much simple to achieve. A square foot of thin laminate can go for less than a dollar if your budget is petite. Thinner laminates go for lesser prices than wider ones. They don’t cost much to maintain as they come easy with cleaning. If you want to use cheap laminates, ensure you use them in areas where the foot traffic is negligible else they will wear out pretty soon. Laminates don’t get their colors dissipated from being exposed to the sun and they can withstand mildews and molds without yielding. They come with a few downsides and so you will be making a few compromises because your budget dictates so.

2. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl is here to stay and so far, it has been going vogue when it comes to flooring. It’s stylish and would replicate class in your home for less than $3 per square foot. There are tons of options available bearing resemblance with stone and wood. It is durable and easy to maintain – one of the qualities that you should look out for when doing floorings. It is also water-resistant since you can use it in the bathroom and the bedroom or living room. If well attended to in terms of maintenance, you could be using this sheet vinyl flooring for the next 10-15 years. It can be installed on various kind of sub-floors, just ensure the sub-floor in question is well scraped and smoothened before installing to avoid bumps. Its major highlight is how stylish it can appear and of course, the answered question of affordability. However, there are some few compromises you will have to settle for like it’s color fading away after being exposed to sunlight and the chemical reactions that are instigated by the rubber from your shoes which can change its color by permanently staining it.


3. Luxury Vinyl Planks Flooring


Coming in all shapes and patterns, the luxury vinyl plank is a steal from the original expensive marbles and tiles. Cheap as they come, they ooze out the luxury of their pricey counterparts. Can be applied on just any flooring since they have no issues sticking to sub-floors. Easy to install and works the DIY style, you can save more money off floorings than you envisaged. Great for your bathrooms and living rooms, you can find a square foot for about a dollar and if you can spend some more for something thicker at $2 per square foot, it's still cool. There are options available for 3mm or 4mm in thickness, all for an affordable price. Who says you can’t give your home floor that marble or natural stone look? It evens feel comfy to walk on and makes no noise that would give its disguise away.

4. Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Just like the planks, these fine pieces of flooring materials are a go-to option when the budget is limited. They are durable and sheer resilient when used to cover sub-floors. Price here comes as the most important factor. For as low as $0.50, you can purchase one square foot of this luxury vinyl tile although this comes with the disadvantage of having fewer choices to make when it narrows down to design. It is easy to install just like the planks so you might need to try it out yourself and be handy or crafty with it while saving more. It doesn’t need many technicalities, just line the ties in straight rows or in triangles depending on the style you choose. With these vinyl tiles, you could be looking at 8 – 10 years durability before it begins to fade and you know you need to maintain it to get that number of years. Maintenance, however, is such a seamless task.

5. Simple Concrete Treatments


While your eyes are elsewhere looking for cheap and affordable flooring for your home, you have one right there with you, right there on the would-be sub-floor. Every standard house is usually floored with concrete before the other layers of floorings like marbles and tiles are used to coat it. That basic flooring of concrete can be treated in a way that can smoothen it and make it look like a carpet or some sort of plastic coating. There are a handful of ideas that you can steal from. Some paintings will be needed, a few stencils would do and some sheer creativity. You might need an expert on this if you are lacking in creativity and artistry, but you won’t be spending much on materials, you already have your concrete floor with you, just some few additions. 


Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Options


When it comes to the bathroom, the relevance of flooring is can't be overemphasized. If the floor is too slippery, there’s a problem looming. If the floor is not water-resistant, then the problem is in your face already and not just steaming for appearance. So durability, appearance, moisture tolerance and cost are some of the factors that come into play when you move from the bedroom to the bathroom. The vinyl flooring comes with a touch of class and have been trending in recent years as the premium choice for today’s bathroom flooring. It comes with the advantage of withstanding water longer than any of it’s bathroom flooring counterparts, so you might be eyeing vinyl’s right away if you use the bathroom more than you should. They are pretty seamless to install and they come in different sizes. But here are the three major vinyl options you can use for your bathroom flooring.

  • The Sheets
  • The Planks and
  • The tiles

All three have been treated as part of affordable flooring options for your home in this article. The sheets are more difficult to install because they will demand you to cut them accurately to align with the space you have. However, they are best if the bathroom will be used by more than one person because they are the most resistant to water among their peers. All come with affordable price tags but be ready to bend to some cheap downsides. Overall, vinyl’s do better with your bathroom than any other part of the home.

Tips for Getting a Cheap Carpet

Although carpets might appear at the bottom when it comes to pricing on floorings, some might still find it on the high side, it all depends on the budget. In light of that, some of these handy tips can help you pick great carpets for giveaway prices. So lookout for the following when going for carpets and not just carpets, cheap and durable carpets.

Consider the Material Used


When people hear carpets, the next thing that echoes in their mind is nylon. The said nylon is quite on the high side of pricing and has a terrible history of a rugged relationship with durability. So nylon should be out of the options. Opt for fairly affordable variants like polyester where you can find brilliant colors in their variety and quality. Propylene is also less expensive and a good choice.

Go for the Stocks

Your best bet at getting quality carpets for a fee that looks like you bought it from a criminal is to head down to the dealers who trade in wholesales and find a cool deal with them. Most of the time, they usually have some remnants that they can let go for a token and you can be that buyer to take the cake home.

Consider the Padding

The padding comes as the most important part of the carpeting business. Carpets lose their essence without their underpads. The pads provide the cushioning effect that leads to ultimate comfort on the feet when it steps on the floor. If you are a deficit in the budget, consider buying a cheap carpet while focusing more on the padding. Both put into consideration in prime quality can be very expensive and so a reasonable compromise is needed on your part.

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